Enter into an exciting and fun world of maths, phonics and literacy for toddlers and pre-schoolers!

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Join the fun and let’s learn through play! 

⭐️ Discover techniques and tips to give your child a successful head start in their learning and development.

 ⭐️ Enter a safe and friendly class, which provides an opportunity for your child to interact.

⭐️ Have fun with your child whilst they develop maths, phonics, literacy, physical and social skills through play! 

What is Little Learners Education?

We help parents to give their toddler or pre-schooler an excellent foundation in phonics, maths and literacy without the need to sit still, by teaching fun techniques through play-based interactive classes. Toddlers and pre-schoolers gain the skills for a successful head start to school and a passion for learning, even if they have not shown an interest in numbers, shapes and letters before!

What are the benefits of registering my child for Little Learners Education classes?

⭐️ Promote social and emotional development.

⭐️ Create a positive attitude to learning.

⭐️ Develop skills for a successful head start in learning.

⭐️ Allow children to enter pre-school and nursery school with self-assurance and confidence in their skills and ability.

⭐️Enhance pre-reading ability and enrich vocabulary. 

⭐️Strengthen maths skills and knowledge.

Which age group are the classes for?

Classes are suitable for rising 2 year olds, 21 months to 3 year olds.

When will the classes take place?

Classes are 45 minutes in duration and run weekly on Thursdays and Fridays.

How much does the online class cost?

The price per class is £8.00, this includes free admission and an hour of play at Parents Paradise, Bushey, Watford.
Classes are paid half termly upfront. Half a term is around 5 to 8 weeks but can vary.

Next Steps…

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