Reviews about our classes

“Since attending the classes my child has learnt to count to ten, recognise and read numbers and letters. They now pronounce letters, words and sounds clearly. This is done with confidence, enthusiasm and without prompting.”- Hayley

”I recommend these classes and would tell parents who were thinking about joining Little Learners Education to sign up, the results are amazing.”

”Zahra is an amazing teacher, very gentle, patient and very creative in the way that she teaches each lesson. She is able to catch the attention of the little ones and engage them in each activity.”

“I highly recommend the classes especially the teacher Zahra who is excellent. The classes are well structured, good value for money, excellent teaching and it gives children a really good head start for school.” – Ricky

 “It is a fantastic, enjoyable session with lots of stimulation and learning for children. Zahra organises the sessions well and they flow from phonics to maths to literacy seamlessly. I have definitely feel that my son picks up skills faster since attending the sessions. He has developed a real love for learning through play.”-Fahreen